OABC General Assembly Members

Kayla Ackerman (4th Year in OAB)
Instrument: Cymbals

I joined the OABC because I wanted to do my part in improving the experience of the Oregon Athletic Bands for its members. I have been a part of the OABC for over 2 years since joining as a freshman. My favorite memory being in the OAB would be when we traveled to Stanford during the 2011 football season and supported the Ducks as they played one of their most exciting games of the season.

Connor Auld (3rd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet

I originally joined the OMB because I wanted a way to make friends, but over the past two years it has given me much more than that. OMB and the OAB have given me a chance to grow as a friend, a musician and as a leader. I can not think of any group or institution that has given as much to me as the OAB. Fill out an interest card, come to an OABC meeting or come watch one of our performances, I promise you won't regret it!

Arryn Bess (2nd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Mellophone, French Horn

Hello, my name is Arryn Bess and I am a junior at the UO where I study music education and horn. I joined OAB when I made it into the Yellow Garter Band on mellophone and have loved every minute of being in that ensemble.

Anthony Castro (3rd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Percussion (Snare)

I joined the OAB in order to do what I love. I love Oregon Athletics and I love to play music, and the OAB is a perfect harmony of the two. My favorite OAB memory was the halftime show at the 2012 Rose Bowl. We performed at our best on the biggest stage of the year!

Kiki Clark (2nd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Color Guard

I transferred to the UO in fall 2012 and am a business administration major. That fall I became a member of the OMB color guard. I joined council early fall 2012 because I want to help the Oregon Athletic bands become the best they can be. My favorite memory of being a part of the Marching band is when we were travelling back from Seattle last fall, two kids went around getting autographs from the band members. It was so cute!

Eisa Evans (2nd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Drumline, Guitar, Piano

I joined the OABC to take part in an organization that is there through out the school year to help benefit and enhance the band to even a higher capacity than it already it. I joined the OMB not knowing how to march but was ready to learn. My favorite memory is when I didn't know that your left foot marked the 1 and 3 beats while the right foot marked the 2 and 4 beats. During band camp, our drum technician came around to me and kept trying to trip me (in a nice joking way) to get me to march properly. To this day I will never forget how to march. :)
Zachary L. Horn (2nd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Mellophone, French Horn, Voice

Hello, my name is Zachary Horn and this is my first year in OABC. I joined because I wanted to try and make a difference while also having a hand in helping the athletic bands. I am a Choral Music Education major and I am also an avid ultimate frisbee player.

Eric Humphrey (4th Year in OAB)
Instrument: Trumpet

Chase Imai (2nd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Trumpet

I just joined the OABC last year, but I am excited to work with my peers to help the band as a whole. My favorite OAB memory was playing at the Oregon/Arizona basketball game last year. It was a slugfest of a game but we pulled out a win over the Wildcats. Playing the fight song as the crowd rushed the court was awesome.

Jessica Lush (3rd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Tenor and Baritone Saxophones

I am a junior at the U of O, and this is my third year in the OAB. I love being in such a huge group of musicians who bring energy and support to every event we perform for.

Ryan McConkey (4th Year in OAB)
Instrument: Mellophone

I joined OAB because I love music and I love marching. My favorite moment in OAB is probably playing at the Natty and marching in Rose Parade. And I'm just a normal dude in the OABC.

Josh McNulty (3rd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Bass Drum

I joined the OAB because it's been my dream to march with the OMB since I was in the eighth grade. I've always wanted to be part of something bigger than myself and joining the OABC really helped out. I've been bouncing around in positions since I joined 2 years ago. I've been in committees like Communications, Recruiting and a general member. Favorite thing, still to this day, were the cymbal polishing parties we had at the hotels on our away games! So much fun!

Jonathan Morgan (4th Year in OAB)
Instrument: Mellophone

I joined OABC in order to help the band behind the scenes, I have been in OABC for 2 years where I have held the Treasurer from 2012-2013. This next year, I would like to continue to see more work done to help the band through great leadership within the council.

Neil Reid (16th Year in OAB)
Instrument: Percussion (Front Ensemble)

Bio: I joined the band because I saw them on TV during the Rose Bowl of 1995. I have have lots of favorite memories, but one of my favorite trips was going to Las Vegas.

Phillip Sailler (2nd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Tuba/Sousaphone

I joined the OAB to do my part for a program that had so positively affected my freshman college experience . Without OAB adjusting to my new college life would have been much more difficult than if I hadn't. I instantly came into my first day of classes with a solid group of friends that would have my back, free home football and basketball seats, and a whole host of fun trips and activities. In my year as part of OABC I worked on the Communications Committee, which worked to put together "The Duck Call" for trips, and many other associated things. I am excited to continue working with OABC, because the future seems to hold bright things for the OAB!

Deana Scott (3rd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Tenor Saxophone

Ashley Spann (2nd Year in OAB)
Instrument: Tenor Saxophone

I joined OAB because I wanted to continue to have music in my life even though I'm not a music major. My favorite moments of being in OAB would have to be performing our pregame and halftime shows!

Alan Sylvestre (4th Year in OAB)
Instrument: Alto Saxophone

Jasper Walton (5th Year in OAB)
Instrument: Trumpet

I've had a life long love affair with performing music, it's sad but it's true. This is exactly the reason I joined the Oregon Athletic Bands, I couldn't give up on something I loved doing so much just because I went off to college. Joining the OAB is definitely joining a new way of life (say goodbye to all of your Saturdays, and say hello to putting more time into working on a halftime show than you would into any other class), but along with the "hardships" that come with joining this way of life you also get some of the best friends you'll ever have, awesome opportunities you couldn't get anywhere else, and the greatest sense of accomplishment when you get to the end of a great season. And that's why I love the OAB.